ZYTO Nutritional Scan

Every cell is your body is networked together, sending and receiving information to coordinate the millions of functions your body processes every day. When your body encounters a health challenge, it uses these communication pathways to direct available resources to restore balance. Your body is effective that in most instances you won't even know there was a challenge. When the body encounters a bigger health challenge, you may begin to develop symptoms - the outward expression of your body's best efforts to deal with these bigger challenges (fever, cough, swelling, pain). Rather than waiting for a health challenge to come along, ZYTO can identify challenges and restore the body back to balance.

ZYTO technology enables a computer to communicate with your body. By placing your hand in a Hand Cradle, an energetic connection is established allowing ZYTO to essentially 'ask your body a question' and record your body's responses or 'answers.' This is called biocommunication and it can provide new insights about your health. In the majority of cases,  the patient does not feel anything; a minority may feel a slight tingle. It takes approximatley 7-8 minutes to run a scan. Just like in the case of hair analysis, it is an easy and painless tests for children.

During a ZYTO scan, subtle energetic impulses called virtual stimulus items (VSIs) are introduced to your body. Your body responds to these impulses in a positive or negative way and ZYTO measures and records your response. A VSI are representative of a wide range of things like foods, nutritional supplements, prescription medications, body organs and systems, and therapeutic treatments. VSIs can be organized into scanning sequenced called biosurveys. A biosurvey is like a questionnaire that your body provides answers to.

Your body's responses indicate what is referred to as a Biological Preference or Biological Aversion. The body's responses are documented in the form of a report. ZYTO does not diagnose or treat illness or disease but is used as an adjunct to help healthcare providers make better decisions about your health. Tracking your scans over time can be beneficial, allowing you to identify trends or long term issues that you will want to pay attention to. It also helps save money as you can choose products you know are right for you.

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