Stool and Urine Analysis

Nutrition may be used to improve and support the normal physiology of the body - give it the right tools and it can re-balance itself. Dr. Sutton may utilize stool and urinalysis testing as part of a patient workup when indicated.

In some cases,  a more in-depth analysis using GI-Microbial Assay Plus (GI-Map), may be recommend. This is a multiplex DNA stool technology designed for the integrative and functional medicine practitioner. The GI-Map is the first comprehensive stool analysis to include an FDA-approved DNA/PCR assay for GI pathogens performed on stool. The testing includes opportunistic and beneficial organisms, including bacteria, protozoa, viral and fungi. A culture based test does not measure strict anaerobes, viruses or virulence factors, and lack the ability to deliver true quantitation of any of the reported organisms. GI-Map also allows for the measurement of antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors that contribute to pathogenicity. The four-page report also includes results for gluten sensitivity, inflammation and leaky gut. This test eliminates guessing over what is causing symptoms thus saving time and money while targeting treatment in a specific manner.

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