Blood Work and Lab Testing

Dr. Sutton is one of only two Chiropractors in Santa Cruz County to incorporate Science Based Nutrition into her practice. This is a comprehensive analysis which includes blood and hair results in a 18-20 page customized report. Findings are referenced throughout the body of the report with medications and known side effects, patient history, presenting symptom, in addition to the lab results. It is valuable for a patient to understand why a product is recommended and what it is supporting in that persons body.

Our philosophy is not to cure or treat symptoms or disease...your body is the only thing that can do that. We are here to help you create an optimal environment for your body to heal and repair. We do this by eliminating things which adversely affect the body and by providing nutrients that the body may be lacking.

On blood test reports there will be two columns labeled "Healthy Range" and Clinical Range." The clinical range is used by the medical community. Any values outside this range are indicative of a disease process. The healthy range is more narrow than the clinical range. Test values outside of the healthy range indicate results which are not as good as they should be. The tighter guidelines of the healthy range allows us to see signs of any developing disease and conditions, and trends towards developing health issues or improving health issues.

Everything that is recommended is very important and many of these things work  together. Conventional medicine starts with what is wrong, it isolates and separates, and medications tell the body what to do; it is Reductionism. In comparison,  Wholism starts with what is right and improves normal physiology by giving the body the right tools to work with, interdependent, so it can heal itself. To get the most effective results, it is important to follow the program exactly as outline. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations are included in each report as these can significantly improve patient health. We are not at the mercy of our genetics. The field of epigenetics has determined that our genetics determine only 7-10% of our health; the rest is up to us. As one of her Chiropractic colleagues says, "Genetics load the gun; Lifestyle pulls the trigger." There is always Hope to change and improve one's health.

Dr. Sutton meets with patients for nutritional consultations to discuss health care needs and goals. First visits are often 90 minutes long. If you would like to find out more information and see if it is the right fit for you, call today and become a healthier, more vital, you!

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